What we want

Fashion dictates are a foreign word for wearers of Chalona.

We focus on the essentials in our fashion:

excellent quality, creative design with combination possibilities is our motto.

Elegance and nonchalance are not contradictions but the goal of our creations. We want you to feel comfortable with our products.

Because not every trend stands for wearability.


Chalona has stood for wearable understatement since 2013. The transformation of masculine elements into elegant femininity still distinguishes the design today. We preserve the tradition of this design language and implement it in a modern way. We complement the perfect craftsmanship of our tailors and cutters with innovative materials and production processes. This is how products are created that are more than fashion. They embody style and timeless elegance.


Sustainability is not just an empty phrase for us. We source most of our fabrics from Italy. The production takes place exclusively in Europe.

Fast fashion is not an option for us. We create favourite pieces of exceptional quality that you will enjoy for a long time. And for us, that is the essence of sustainability.

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